About Us

Partnership for Youth Development has been helping afterschool programs achieve the highest levels of program quality since 2002. Prior to August 29, 2005, the Partnership for Youth Development (formally known as Afterschool Partnership) worked collaboratively with nearly 180 non-profit, community-based, faith-based, and school-based organizations to support afterschool services for school-age children in the New Orleans area. The devastation of the levee failures, the destruction of many of these sites, and the displacement of thousands of citizens resulted in few programs for children and families and forced the Partnership and our provider network to refocus efforts in order to provide these needed services in a safe environment.

Since 2005, our work has expanded in response to the critical needs of children and youth living in post-Katrina New Orleans. Working collaboratively, we connect local entities with innovative solutions, best practices research, policy expertise, and training on national standards in youth development to effect change across city-wide systems. Building on strong relationships with national partners, we leverage resources by bringing in experts who provide technical assistance in youth development, creating local infrastructures to support youth, and creative public/private partnerships.